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20 Reasons The Great Gatsby Is The Best Novel Ever

i am wont to agree…

101 Books

You guys know I love The Great Gatsby. It’s my favorite novel, and it currently sits #1 out of the 76 novels I’ve read during this project so far.

But I haven’t talked about the novel in a really long time, like two weeks maybe. So I thought I’d break down why Gatsby is so awesome in a fun Friday listicle.

Let’s go! So why is The Great Gatsby the greatest novel ever?

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tomorrow came.

Dear Sammy,

I got a nasty surprise this morning while brushing my teeth… I got a loud rap on my door, which was followed by another loud one despite my saying that I was in the bathroom. how rude. It turns out, it was the security guard who was bringing along the electric company meter man. I was given the paper that said that they were disconnecting my electricity because I was overdue. Well, that’s a first, i thought.

I told him, “Oh, I was going to pay it yesterday, but i ran out of time…” and he said, with a bit of a chilly tone, “I know, ma’am, but I’m informing your that we are cutting off your electricity today.”

I almost told him, “Don’t bother, I’m going to the outlet to pay today anyway.” Which, I think i did in a way, but I think he brushed me off with some words (which I don’t care to remember at this point, of course).

Anyway, to make the long story short, I was forced to go to the outlet to pay that very hour.

“Here we go again,” I thought to myself, “I had successfully put off again for tomorrow what could have been done today.

And that, Sammy dear, is something that you should never take after from Mommy. (It makes me feel crappy everytime, I know, but I can’t seem to help myself.) My priorities are all wrong, in terms of time management. To tell you frankly, I feel that I have not matured as much as I’ve wanted to in that way.

Don’t be like me. (I’m trying to figure this out too.)



P.S. I spent some time with B for dinner with his teachers from college (who they are very close with, and share memories with). They were a nice bunch…haha, and there was one teacher who was so funny, my jaw hurt from all the smiling. 🙂 Anyway, it was a good vibe. Oh, and their students remembered the bread that I bought them for their trip. 🙂 <– I wanted to do something nice, so that B will be remembered in a good light by the students.  I won’t be going with him to Naga on this trip, because he’ll be going with Tita (his mom).

🙂 That’s ok, I don’t think I want to ruin the mother and son moment, in that this’ll be his first time as keynote speaker at the event. I hope he’s wearing something nice during the event. (He sometimes wears clothes that are too big for him.

(I like him more and more everyday.)

He said to me, before saying goodbye at the doorstep of my condominium… “Are you sure you’re going to get everything done by February 18th?” I told him, “I have no choice…I’ll be homeless by then…”

Oh, and when we were headed to UP Town Center, he asked during the drive, “So, do you see yourself in QC in the future?” And I’m like… hmm, we’ll see. (non-committal me, as always.)

I’m going to miss him a lot, you know.

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My forty year-old self

Dear Samantha,

There are times when things get very heavy at work, as a therapist, and I have to retreat to my “castle in the sky”. It is not a castle, it is but a box, a box which I have called my home for more than a year…

This is where I retreat to when I am exhausted, and when I yearn for some quiet amid the noise. I love the hustle and bustle as much as the next person, but right now I am tired. I am definitely tired of having to deal with problems. What is want right now is work, and work only…

So I am up here, writing out the things I need, hoping to finish everything before the week ends.

I have papers to do before I can be fully cleared and able to go home to my hometown to start a new life (or at least earn some money before I start my career in a new place).

Oh, I have so much to do…and so much I want to do before I finally go back home. I’d like to think that there is a whole new adventure up ahead, but I am afraid.

Actually, I’ve never been so afraid my entire life.

The change that’s about to happen is…scaring me. I’m afraid of not being able to do what I want anytime I want. I’m also afraid of being bored to death, with no new adventures left.

I’m not sure if you will understand me now, but you ARE my daughter, and i’m pretty sure we can understand things we talk about.


I always get this way when I’m at the crossroads of anything in my life. I want to understand that there are things that will happen in the future, if I just make a choice, and well, right now, I’m just afraid of what comes after.

When I was younger, and I’d be faced with major decisions, I’d always wish that my forty-year-old self come rescue me and tell me what to do, but now, she never shows. Instead, I have to make choices on my own, and somehow, things work out really well.

This is what i’m praying for right now…that whatever happens, and however I choose things, everything will be alright.



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Like a date

Dear Samantha,

I spent much of the day talking to people… It is part of my job, and I think I love it so much that time just flies by for me.

I said some goodbyes today, finally completing termination of therapy. It is a gradual process, something that you have to do, but need to prepare for months in advance. In October, I had started to tell my patients that I would need to transfer their care to another psychiatrist so their care would be continued after I have graduated.

The task seemed very doable at first, because I had not expected the attachments. Still you have learned from your patients, and they have learned from you. That is the basic principle.

“Make every therapy session like a date…something that they would look forward to.” This has been my guide for doing therapy. It also helps me in that way, because I tend to view it as a new experience, a very good learning event for me. It helped me grow as a person… It is not just talking, but helping someone realize their potential, or express themselves, or think in a way that is better suited for them.

That is me, I am the empathic one. I always tended to know how to talk to someone that will make them feel better, or see things from a different perspective.

There was a mom who felt close enough to invite me to their home if I was ever in the area. I was going to be missed. And there was one who asked where I was going to hold my clinic, because they would go with me… These things.

I won’t be available right away, but I think that I will do my best to set up my career in the best way i can.

It is nice to be validated by people for your efforts, Sammy. 🙂 And knowing that you’ve helped many people get on with their lives in a positive way, is a gift unlike any other. 🙂




The newborn baby pictures

The newborn baby pictures

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“The World According to Samantha”

Dear Samantha,

I have to say I am totally remiss on the idea of blogging everyday…

A lot of things have happened over the past few days, and without internet time, I’ve decided to write it all at my leisure…

First there was the papal visit., annual convention, then daily seeing of patients, and of course, all the musings and wonderings. I have kept myself busy these days, and I love the whirlwind of activity, as I am enjoying my last few days of being here.

we tried the wine and cheese Jan 20, 2015, after we wandered into Barcino.

we tried the wine and cheese Jan 20, 2015, after we wandered into Barcino.

the Wine gallery

the Wine gallery

the wine wall

the wine wall

I will be posting some pictures to help me remember the good times, as there are many, and if I keep putting them off, i will never get to do them. Before I know it, I will probably end up wondering where all the time went… (It is hard…I feel that I may have been able to do more, but then I did not because I waited too long to do them.)

I was reminded of the night on the way home from the research competition after Anth dropped us off in Makati… R was talking about how he felt he could have done better, and how he fel that he did not belong anymore. And how, he felt that he was not equipped to handle the challenges that would come in the future

(I did not feel that way, I felt that because i came from the institution that was known all over for producing great graduates, I was at an advantage. And whatever happened, I would be part of the prestigious group [for all time.]

we had wine and cheese and meats that night, and talked about different stuff. we’ve been through a lot, him and I. I just wished he believed in himself, though. He is also so unsure, and insecure about his skills (which is why he doesn’t have a lot to speak of, because he doesn’t try.) It had become an alternating of support for each other… I just wished he believed in himself more.

He is great, though. He has been strong for me, when he needs to be, but he is not without imperfections. I feel that things have taken his toll, and his spirit is partly broken.

Someday,we will help with that.



P.s. we were at  Scribe, a stationery store, and I found a cute little bookmark, which read, “The world according to Samantha”…and according to that name book, you were going to be one firecracker of a girl. haha. see you

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Day 13: Future-tense.

Dear B.

I am afraid…

Anxious, more likely of the future. I’ll be done in a few weeks, with my responsibilities, after which I will say goodbye to my beloved city and go back to the province…

It’s not like I dread going home, it’s more of the dreading of a different future altogether. My life is as uncertain (or as sure as I want it to be). Frankly, I have never been this scared in my entire life…

Change is scary… I’d love to get out of this funk soon.