Ink Stains and Photos

I love stories… told, written and photographed. :-)

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Dear Samantha,

That’s a picture of the scenery outside on my balcony.

I am going to miss this place… my apartment is small, but it’s been nice and safe. A sanctuary for me during the trying times and a sleeping place after the happy times.

I’ll be leaving it soon, along with, i think, my economic freedom, political freedom.

But temporarily.

With this new chapter comes a heady feeling, for I don’t know what to expect.

It’s something that I have trained for…for a good four years of my life.

Here’s to a bright new future ahead!



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Dear Samantha,

Yesterday, I learned that there is always a time for everything…if you make time for it.

There will only be regret if you neglect to make time for, and give importance to tasks that need to be done.

Yesterday,I spent the afternoon at RG’s place in Quezon City… I had lunch with his grandmother and him ( a grand old lady, if I do say so myself), over her favorite food, Paella, Croquettas and Callos. All of them were very good, however, there was a bit of an embarrassment in it for me because I had taken a whole lot of time preparing for the trip.

I was overwhelmed at home…not from the preparations of meeting his grandmother, but more of, “what things should I bring, and what should i work on when I got there.?” It was only for the afternoon, but because I had not organized and spent my time wisely, I was stuck in a rut.

Anyway, little details… the doggie, Princess didn’t like me very much at first sight. :-p She was so used to seeing the regular people, that she did not take too kindly to strangers. Oh well… 🙂 I found out that RG grandmother used to play tennis in her youth (“One of the things you have in common…” – RG), and we had a nice discussion about the Australian Open. I found out she likes Novak Djokovich. haha… cute.

Just a quick visit, that one.