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On Beauty Pageants…

Dear Sammy,

If, one day, you are seized by the desire to express yourself to the world, I will definitely not stop you…in fact, I will encourage you to fulfill your dream. I will encourage you to say in the way that which resonates the most to you in as free a way as possible.


Anyway, all this drama was brought on while watching Bb. Pilipinas 2015 with my mother… I was typing something on the computer, work or something or other. The interview portion is something many people look forward to for the sheer entertainment of it. I myself look forward to it because I just like listening how people say what is on their minds, given the “special” circumstances. (I guess I’ve always wanted to know what is on people’s minds when things are asked of them, I think it is the Psychiatrist in me… )

They mostly gave interesting answers, but I could not help but cringe at HOW they answered it. (I’m a firm believer that knowing how to express yourself well is a very important asset surpassing the fanciest coiffure.) They still had very interesting ideas, of course, but they needed to polish how they said it. <– and just because the crowd cheers while they answer doesn’t mean that they are saying the right thing.

It reminded me of course of all those presentations I’ve made back in training when I just answered without thinking..and how annoying I must’ve sounded. haha. 

So my dearest darling daughter, never ever do that. Think, and think some more…but if you can’t do that, then answer the shortest answer, in the most precise language you possibly can, that’s in your heart. The beauty part, well, we know we won’t have to sweat that part. haha.

all my love,


I loved Sarah Meier’s question, as I love her work and ethic.