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It came to me like an epiphany.

Or maybe it may have been a long time coming.

I feel terribly tired, as if all these stimulating things have left me cold and dry, and very much spent.

I even took a longer time waiting to get ready for work…I have so many things going on around me, none of them I enjoy very much. I feel as if my brain is simply tired, and I feel no enjoyment whatsoever. In other days, I would call this burnout, and I would just go and do something else. However, though, I generally feel ill at ease everywhere. Home is not a nice place, as I feel crowded in it… the office is not a nice place, as I feel too bored and stifled in it.

I may have always been different…in a place with inactivity and dissatisfying conditions, I’d feel like I was dying. Dying inside, my spirit would be very heavy. I feel like I was always wondering about something, wondering about my place out there.

Maybe I’m going to die of despair. Maybe I won’t. I do have to be strong though. A lot of people depend on me and what I can do.

But I am tired. I feel uninspired.







Author: thepenonpapergirl

I'm Stephanie. I like people, especially their intricate intimate details. :-) I love writing about life, people, and street photography. I believe in Mental Health for all, and that stigma should not be a barrier to getting the help we need. #PsychiatryHCP

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