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ah, love…

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The Age of Adaline
I watched this movie last night, and I loved it.
I liked the concept of never growing old figuratively; always being energetic, always learning…
And being so self-assured that nothing could faze me. ☺️
Also, I liked how he pursued her and how he loved her.
(Of course, things went pretty fast, but the whole, “Nothing makes sense without her” thing is quite…amazing.)
I want something like that in my life.
I want to be wooed.

(I put it on a shirt once, for a friend’s project, “Waiting to be Won.” <– I think that sums up my sentiment better. :-))

Author: thepenonpapergirl

I'm Stephanie. I like people, especially their intricate intimate details. :-) I love writing about life, people, and street photography. I believe in Mental Health for all, and that stigma should not be a barrier to getting the help we need. #PsychiatryHCP

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