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Photo: rock on the road

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The rains had brought a landslide and the construction workers wanted to clear up the highway for the passersby to get through.  I was on the bus to work for this one. When you’re on a bus, you’re basically offered a higher vantage point than anyone else, and thus more interesting angles.



These pictures were taken back in 2010, when I used to ride the bus every other morning to get somewhere 2 hours away.

I like the details in it though, and the fact that it is a slice of life…a snapshot of a time.

~ S.


Author: thepenonpapergirl

I'm Stephanie. I like people, especially their intricate intimate details. :-) I love writing about life, people, and street photography. I believe in Mental Health for all, and that stigma should not be a barrier to getting the help we need. #PsychiatryHCP

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