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I’m Stephanie. I have semi-permanent ink stains and a writer’s bump on my hands from using the pen and paper too much. 🙂

I also dabble in street photography, and advocate for mental health.

People and stories are my passion. 🙂

camera photo

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  1. Hello there! I’m enjoying your photos and your perspective in writing. Keep ’em coming 😉 Busy lang siguro, parang ako lang haha!

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    February 13, 2017
    • Hi Nortehanon. Thanks! 🙂 I appreciate your compliment… I haven’t been writing in a while. Am checking out your page too!


      March 1, 2017
      • Haha! Thanks. My site has been gathering dust, but I’m not giving up on it. The muse will eventually come hehe

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        March 1, 2017
      • I went on hiatus for a while due to stuff happening, but I believe that if we keep working on it, the Muse will eventually show herself. 👍🏼 keep at it!


        March 2, 2017
  2. I think you should join us in Litratista sa Daan for more of street photography.

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    March 4, 2017

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