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Day 1: Baby steps

Dearest L.,

I remember my mother telling me before that before we can accomplish big dreams, we need to start with small steps…little things that we can finish one at a time.

This subconsciously was my thought when one of my friends posted the question, “What are you going to do this year that was different?” After the briefest of pauses, I typed in, “Well, I think I’ll start with baby steps…before going for the big thing.”

I’ve been putting off writing for the longest time, as for the past four years, I was heavily involved with my work in the hospital, and was always coming up with excuses not to write. I was too tired, too uninspired (which was not true, of course), or too…broken.

“If you want to become immortal, be a writer,” someone once said. Well, I don’t know if my writing will make me immortal, but just the same, I want to write something that will make me immortal for me, for now… I want to look back 365 days from now and see what I had been like today, to know if I had gained or lost, or grown.

In my life, I’ve had many ups and downs (and I expect there will always be a thirst for more of these life experiences), but one thing was consistent…when I wrote, I always felt whole, and good.

And free.

I do not aim to write to please other people, or to compare my work with others, I am writing now, for me.

You’re looking at the start of 365 days of my life; little thoughts, random pictures, memorable moments and all…

Here goes nothing!



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And so, my mother and I watched this movie at the local theater this afternoon… She wanted to watch something, but out of the three that were showing, this seemed like the most fun.

My honest take? Well,it was a formulaic romantic comedy, but…in all fairness, I found it very entertaining. It will not win any awards in the “intellectual movie” category aspect, of course, but Ma and I had some good laughs there. Jennilyn Mercado (and her pretty tops, especially) and Derek Ramsay were very entertaining on their own, but for depth…well, there wasn’t a lot there. πŸ™‚

There were winner lines and cool catchphrases that I would use, of course…something to look forward to use when I’m back in Manila.

In the middle of the movie, I actually understood why Trina-Ling wanted to watch it…it was a great “Girls Night Out” movie, with lots of…umm, Derek Ramsay. I missed the girls and the fun. πŸ™‚

(I’ll be going back to Manila in a few days, and I’m hoping we can get to watch some movies before I leave Manila for a while.)

They won Best Actor and Best Actress for it. Your thoughts? πŸ™‚