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On listening and kindness


For some time, I thought it was ironic, how, I was a therapist, and yet, I didn’t have anyone who satisfactorily could do “talk therapy” on me. I mean, living out here in the province, I could not really find a supervisor type of person who would help me along with how I processed myself and things that were going on in my life. There has to be a considerable amount of effort (a.k.a. travelling) before I get to talk to my colleagues or peers (or supervisor).

It’s not that they don’t have time, but it’s mostly because they all have their own lives to take care of (and not enough training on how to do so).

I am at a loss. In recent times, I have had some distressing personal issues to deal with, however, I never really got to talk to anyone about it. Mainly, it was just a lot of rumination, some writing, and then the development of rationalization and anticipation maneuvers, which can’t have all been good.

My biggest annoyance is when you’re trying to be vulnerable… you’re in a situation where even telling the story is hard, but you also have to deal with the person you’re telling it to giving you a smart alecky retort…or a totally moronic and unfeeling statement, which leaves you feeling worse than you actually feel.

If you’ve ever been in an emotionally distressing situation, you would sometimes notice that talking about it really helps, but only if you felt safe enough to say what you wanted to say, and feel that you won’t be judged for it.

Listening is not hard to do, actually, it is merely  a basic kindness we offer to people who need to tell their stories.

(And no, it is not always about YOU.)

(Also, I’ve filled notebooks full of musings and self-awareness…I need “processing” this time.)

Also, just a note…I posted something on facebook, and I was amused at how my experiment proved right. I wrote about the freedom of speech, but everyone thought I was talking about politics. Actually…I just wanted to say something about how I was not free to say things I wanted to say…personal problems mostly!  It figures…everything, and I do mean everything, has the potential to be “colored” by things.







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Day 7: Thinking Out Loud

Dear Sammy,

I heard this version of this song this afternoon while I was working with Arla and Iris…

I had had a full day, as usual… The morning was devoted to fixing up my stuff so I can box them and send them home. Also, I finally gave away the  Christmas presents I had made for everybody… 🙂 My idea was to give everyone photographs of themselves as I saw them. Also, that they would have good memories on easy access. The second years already put their frames up on the shelf, which are the first things people see when they come in…

Mia and Aizah loved theirs. Also, I got the first years something for their room. I got them a red wall clock and green scented candle (feng shui colors, according to the article), which apparently is good luck. Anyway, they didn’t have a wall clock in their room, so they’ll probably need one.



On Teaching

I also got the chance to sit in for the consultant for the LU 6 neuropsychiatry case conference… I was quite nervous at first, because I suddenly realized that I was supposed to be an “expert” on these things…  These were “kids”, “clerks” who were smart in their own right because they were, after all, enrolled in the country’s premier government  medical school, were also pretty knowledgeable about their patient. Yet, that was the thing…they thought they KNEW their patient…

There is always something to new to learn. People shouldn’t be looked at as medical cases only. There needs to be a human aspect. In the end, they learned a thing or two… and eagerly asked a lot of questions about psychiatry, such as how to introduce themselves to a patient when they were doing interviews, and how to get the patient to talk to them.

“Never assume anything…”

I love these “Aha!” moments with the students…it makes my work as an advocate for mental health very rewarding.

I hope to get to do more of these things in the future.


your mom

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Day 3: My life as Mayor

I’ve been made mayor of Strawberry Fields (Forever), just a couple of days ago.

Strawberry Fields (Forever) is a city of my own making, a burgeoning small city in the SimCity Build It app that I’ve discovered while on vacation…

It is taking up a lot of my time, and already, I am finding myself looking forward to “harvesting” from my factories and collecting taxes, so I can find more ways to satisfy my townspeople…

Sometimes, I really take to heart their little comments, “We demand education for our children!” or “I need a bus stop”…and truth be told, I’ve looked google up for cheats, so I can have buckets and buckets of simoleons at my disposal.

(I tried, but it was unsuccessful.)

So here I am, building my own little city from scratch… and making a good project out of it. It’s almost like designing my own life, and moving stuff around (although there’s not that much room for ‘moving around’ these days) so that everybody’s happy, including myself. 🙂

I’ll probably get tired of it, as I did Fairy Village, but I don’t think it will be soon. I love the creative challenge…


In life, people dear (and not so dear) to me will always have an opinion, but it will be up to me to react as well as I can to that opinion. Feedback, from actual or fictional (or in this case, app-based) will always be a good check of what I am doing. It is always best to seek it.


Anyway, so far, so good, i’m on Day 3 of my 365-day blogging resolution. I’m excited about this year…may it be my best year yet. 




I like this article…it’s an idea for a new project! 🙂